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Opinions requested on graduation dilemma

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Last June, we held a graduation at home for our son. We invited a lot of family and friends, husband gave him an inspirational talk, handed him the diploma, etc.


My daughter graduates this June. She's a very different animal from her older brother. Absolutely DOES NOT WANT any kind of ceremony or party. I am pretty sure that she'll let us take her out to dinner at a nice restaurant, maybe with her grandma in attendance.


Here's my dilemma. I do not want to offend people who were invited to my son's graduation last year by thinking that they are ignored this year. I realize I could just send announcements, but I am afraid that will give the appearance of primarily looking for graduation gifts.


Any thoughts?

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Any thoughts?



How about letting people bless/congratulate/gift her (whatever their choice is) via a special scrapbook? So, when you send out the graduation announcements in the spring, include a SASE, with a separate short note attached, saying something like:


"DD has specifically requested that we hold no ceremony or party for her graduation from high school. However, if you would like to participate in her accomplishment, and honor her, we will be giving DD a graduation scrapbook/album to hold everyone's well-wishes for her. We have enclosed a stamped, self-addressed envelope in for your convenience, should you wish to send her a card or note of encouragement, congratulations, words of inspiration, a photo of your family or of you with DD, etc."



I know if I were to receive something like that, I would be thinking, "Oh, of course, my niece is an extreme introvert and would be very uncomfortable being the center of attention. I would like to bless her with a special card -- and I will include the monetary gift I had planned to give her. And later this summer, I'll see if I can take her out to lunch and have a fun one-on-one time with her and ask her what her future plans are..."



Congratulations on your senior! :) And best of luck, whatever you decide. Warmest regards, Lori D.

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