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Penn State - can someone explain to me what happened?


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I missed all the initial news reports, and I'm having trouble piecing together what actually happened. I keep seeing reports that refer to a "child sex abuse scandal" but that don't explain further. Can someone explain what the child sex abuse scandal actually is? What really happened?


Thank you!

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A high-level figure in the Penn State football program (was a quarterback there when he was a student in the 60's, I think, then made his way up the coaching ranks, was almost 2nd in command, then retired in 1999, but stayed on, with a office in the football building, as a honorary member) has been sexualing assaulting/molesting, etc young boys, at various locations, including the football building locker/shower rooms.


Another staff member, in 2002, actually witnessed an assault in the locker room, of a 10year old boy....walked in on it. He told the head coach, Joe Paterno, who in turn reported it to his superiors, and that is as far as it went. No police were called.


There was past incidents that were reported as well, and swept under the rug. The pedophile had continued access to Penn State facilities, was continued to be treated as a "hero".


The Pedophile also ran a program for at-risk youth, which is where he found his victims. Thus far a reported 8 victims have come forward...they are expecting far more.


-So the Pedophile has been arrested.

-The upper level staff that knew but never reported to police were arrested for breaking the law (didn't report it)

-Joe Paterno was fired...he didn't break the law technically, because legally he only had to report it to his superiors but morally, well, you decide.

-The President of the college, also fired, again, it's unclear what he knew, but it's clear he did not act in the best interest of the children or the school.


-Students rioted over the firing of Joe Paterno. They also rallied to support the victims.


Sad mess for all.


Hope that helps!

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Who knew what exactly happened and when is not clear (to me at least) but this is the summary: Over several years young boys were r@ped by an adult coach. At least once if not more often, someone walked in and any reports about the incident never went anywhere other than the "supervisor". No police was called, and even worse, when the r@pe was witnessed the person happening upon it evidently did NOTHING to prevent it.

I am so sick about it, this is my last post on this subject. :glare:

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