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Mice are yucky!


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I'm usually a pretty tough person, but with mice I'm very much a stereotypical girl.


There was a mouse in the house this morning! I showed it to our cat who has a very good track record judging by all the dead mice, birds, bunnies, and occasional squirrels in our back yard.


She immediately caught it, took it to her food dish, and let it go! It ran away and I have no idea where the little vermin is.


I'm pathetic! I'm jumping at every shadow and slight noise. Kitty is not going outside again until I see some mouse guts!


And I know it's more scared of me than I am of it. Doesn't make a difference. If it stayed outside I'd let it live a peaceful life, but mice that come into my house must meet their doom!

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mice and rats are my phobia, Is that why I have 8 cats, who knows lol Years, ago we had a mouse and all my cats were sitting around it in a circle watching it, they were being totally useless. We somehow caught it in a bucket and took it outside. I informed all my cats what their job in this house is and there have been no more mice.

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