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Gifts for 10-11yr girl

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Can anyone give me recommendations for what 10-11yr girls are interested in ? I don't know her at all. Price range would be up to $50 and ideally would be able to get a few gifts for that price.

I would also like to know what book series might be good for that age range.

Thanks for the help!

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Suggestions from my 11.5 yo daughter:


Monster High dolls

if she has a DS, some games/gift certificate for a place like Game Stop

gift certificates: Target, Justice or other girl store

if she has an ipod or mp3 player: gift certificate to iTunes


book series:

Monster High

Dear Dumb Diary

Dork Diaries

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Eva Ibbotson books (the kid ones rather than the young adult ones, says Mom ;))

Carl Hiaason books (same caveat from Mom)

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Thanks for the book series suggestions!

Unfortunately I don't know if she has a DS or ipod, also can't be gift cards, has to be actual gifts.


I'm shopping for someone else and I've got a handle on every other age group, but don't know anything about preteen girls....

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Stocking stuffers: lip balms and lip glosses, nail polish (the wilder, the better :)), fun bath gels, earrings (though I guess you don't know if she has pierced ears), toe socks, funky mismatched socks, manicure/pedicure set.


Other ideas, based on my daughter: things with peace signs on them, art supplies, sketch books, Betty and Veronica comic books (the double digests from the grocery store), magazine subscription to People StyleWatch (since it seems to focus on fashion rather than gossip), Kiki fashion magazine (fashion mag aimed at preteens without the relationship stuff), Cobblestone press mags like Muse or Odyssey, American Girl magazine, craft kits for things like knitting/friendship bracelets/jewelry making/bath stuff making/scrapbooking.


Do you know clothing/shoe sizes or do you need something more generic than that? My daughter would also like some Uggs (realistically it would have to be a knock-off;)).

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I have two daughters 12/13 and they just spent the weekend at a birthday party for their friend turning 13...here is what is hot for them...



Mandie Series

Eragon series

Narnia series



Klutz books (Doodle Diary, All About Me, etc.)

Burt's Bees lip balm

Personalized items...monogrammed pillows (in their favorite color), clipboards with their name monogrammed..there are several local stores here that embroider, use adhesives with their name/designs, fun stuff.

Find out their favorite color and get them a sack type bag (Vera Bradley and others make them)

Jewelry kits: Make your own bottle cap/bracelets/necklaces etc.


ITune music card if she has an Ipod or such.



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Nail Polish in assorted colors. Percy Jackson Books are big w/ this age group.

My dd says: crackle effects nail polish, jewelry (necklaces, bracelets), Kane Chronicles books, The 39 Clues books, a pillow pet, and a sock monkey.


ETA: dd also says hair stuff: pony tail holders, head bands, stuff like that

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The Mysterious Benedict Society books

The Penderwicks books


Lip gloss, nail polish, peace sign clothes like pp mentioned, black boots, itunes gift card, pretty/funky bracelets/necklaces, journal, book light for reading, don't know what they're called, but they're like leg warmers for the arms

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KarenNC's list is a great one. My 11 year old would enjoy the lip glosses, nail polish, toe socks, and funky socks. She has a subscription to American Girl and really looks forward to each issue.


She's always going on about pillow pets, too. She likes sock monkeys. She loves super soft fuzzy things like throw pillows, blankets, and fuzzy socks.

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