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I do download from librivox.org at least once per week. And now that I know DD likes vintage radio shows (same ones I used to listen to as a kid), I've downloaded more from archive.org. For example, one of my favorites is Challenge of the Yukon. Here is a list of other radio shows. Did you look at storynory.com? or how about myaudioschool.com? Some are available for free, or if you pay $14.99, you can have access to all of their audiobooks. I haven't subscribed yet since I've downloaded enough from librivox to last a while.

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Definitely check your local library. I've heard there's a big city library (Philadelphia?) that had annual memberships for out of area people at a semi-reasonable price ($30/year?) I know it's come up here before.


The itunes site has podcasts by subject and similar so you should be able to search for "kids" and the like. I've tried podcasts a couple of times and I just can't get into them like I can a regular book. Maybe I'm too social for a podcast? I don't want to listen to a conversation I can't join :tongue_smilie:

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No worries! If you liked the look of the sale, you should check out these websites. They are very similar to the offerings in the sale, and they're free!






Especially the first and second. They should have enough material to keep you busy for a while. :)

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