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Home hair dye question

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Yesterday when cutting the tip off of a bottle of hair dye, I cut too low so the applicator wasn't a tip anymore, but a hole. I had bought two boxes so used the cap from the other box.


My question is: If I left the other applicator bottle open, UNMIXED, can I use that bottle today?


I shoved the top back into the applicator tip so it is like a cap, but it was opened, so I wonder if it is still good.


Sorry if this makes no sense.


Applicator bottle with "creme" (whatever that stuff inside it) is opened, but the other bottle that you pour into the applicator bottle and mix together is unopened.


If I use the rest today, will my hair change to a funky color or is it fine because it is unmixed?


It is ultra blonde by the way, if that makes a difference.


ETA: The reason I need the rest today is I've found some spots I didn't get. First time doing it without someone's help. It isn't a huge deal if I can't use it, though.

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As long as it was not mixed and resealed, it is ok. You can store it for up to a year. I am not sure if double dyeing is a good idea though.



How Long Do The Hair Dyes Last Unopened?


If unopened Special Effects, Manic Panic, Crazy Color, Directions & Stargazer Semi-Perm Hair Dyes last at least 30 months from date of manufacture(shelf-life). Once opened these dyes should last a minimum of 12 months with no adverse reactions to hair providing they are securely sealed after each use and stored away from extreme heat or cold and sunlight etc. With some brands the dye results may vary the longer the dye is left from initial use/opening and all dyes should be mixed/stirred before using again as some colour pigments may separate over time.


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