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So where do we go after we complete Phonics Pathways?


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Currently dd6 and ds5 are on track to complete PP by the end of this school year. Prior to that, we also used 100EZ, and we decided to go through PP for reinforcement and also to fill in gaps. We also have Reading Pathways, but haven't cracked it yet.


So I was wondering where most people go from here. Do you continue some form of phonics instruction with another program, or just practice becoming more fluent with readers, or what?


When we first started PP, we also tried the first ETC book, and I thought that would serve as our phonics reinforcement for the next few years. Unfortunately, the kids weren't crazy about it (lots of whining about the pages that require writing). I may try dragging it back out again and see if their reaction is better now that we have a few months of school under our belts, but if not, we are going to give up on ETC.


So for those who have been here, where did you go next?

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AAS can be used as a phonic program (it really helps cement it) and does a good job with giving some writing and not too much of it.



I have been having my daughter 7yrs use Phonics Pathways and AAS simultaneously. She was about to start the silent e section in Phonics pathways when we began with AAS Level one.


I would be interested to hear what others suggest. I am assuming that if your child finishes Phonics Pathways they wouldn't need phonics anymore. I think that was in TWTM. I could be wrong though.

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I'd add Reading Pathways, which should be fun.


Are they reading fluently? -- or will they be? in which case you could let them at it.


We -- who are not through Pathways quite yet -- have used as readers some Free and Treadwell Readers (which go through from Primer through Third Reader) and are currently using Eggleston's Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans as our reader. Some like McGuffey's ... and generally, I like the older books for rich language, nice sentence structure, and high interest level.


editing to second the All About Spelling as a terrific phonics review.

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DD the Younger went to Soaring with Spelling and reading aloud 1/2 hour a day. Prior to finishing PP she did no formal spelling, instead I had her do copywork based on sentences from PP (she's about 2/3 the way through these sentences). I'll have her finish two or three levels of SWS and then move her to Sequential Spelling, which I think will be an excellent fit. I'd rather not spend more time or money on spelling than is absolutely necessary and will go with short-and-sweet if we can get away with it. :001_smile:

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