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xpost - meaty problems to supplement Foersters Alg I

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My dd did DM1 last year, and has also done over half of AoPS Number Theory. This year she wanted a "lighter" math year - she's also doing Algebra-based Physics, which is math-heavy, and DM did suck up a good part of her day last year - and is doing Foersters Algebra I. She was going to do AoPS Algebra, but then changed her mind at the last minute - she thinks it's going to take up too much of her day like DM, and she's decided she doesn't like the wordy explanations.


Foersters is soooo easy for her. She is finally learning some new stuff (we just started Quadratics), but it still seems so plug 'n' chug after Singapore and AoPS. I kept hearing what great word problems Foersters had, but after Singapore they seem very lightweight.


I suggested that I give her some of the AoPS problems from time to time to keep her math-brain from turning to sludge, but they teach some things in an odd order and I'm not sure how easy it would be to just pick some out (I did go over negative and fractional exponents with her, as they're right in chap1 of AoPS - and nowhere to be found in Foersters). I'm going to make her do the section on radicals in AoPS Chap. 1 (sooo much more in depth than the cursory treatment in Foersters!), and I think that might be enough to assign her some problems from the first few chapters.


Anyone familiar with AoPS know if there's anything else in there that's not typically taught so early in Algebra I should look out for?


Or, is there some great, meaty, AlgI supplemental problems book? Would that Zacarro Algebra Problem Solving book be at all useful? Any other ideas?


I think one brain-stretching problem every day or two should do the trick... but where from?

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