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What kind of activities or hobbies do your children have?

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My dd has enough for the whole family. She's in 2 4H clubs (farm and dog). She's in club cheerleading and takes a tumbling class. She has a pet sitting business. She volunteers for a guinea pig rescue and she volunteers with adaptive aquatics. She like to draw manga and write stories for manga characters.


My youngest ds has swimming lessons, special olympics swim team and may try special olympics basketball.


My oldest has activities associated with his high school: Model UN, JROTC rifle team, JROTC raider team, chess team.

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My kids are very involved with tennis; they all play at least 2.5 hours a day during the week and a ton more on the weekends. In fact, I am at an out-of-state tournament with my oldest as I type this waiting for his next match to begin. My husband is in another state with my younger son waiting for his match to begin. My dd has just started to travel throughout the Midwest for tournaments, so my husband and I are starting to be outnumbered.:D My dd is playing in a Midwest tournament this weekend as well, but it is only 30 minutes from our house, and my parents are taking her back and forth.

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DS13 2 4-H groups, scouts, youth group, cross country ski club will be starting shortly, & in teh spring he does swim team and baseball.


DD12 2 4-H groups, girl guides, kids church, cross country ski club, swim team and baseball like ds13 (She should be in violin lessons too but I could not afford it this year)


DS8 cub scouts, kids church, Normally he would be in both indoor and outdoor soccer(spring), swimming lessons and ski club, but his broken leg stopped all of that for a while


DD4 kids church and ski club. She plays soccer in the spring, and will have swimming lessons. Trying to gather the funds for her music lessons. If I could have afforded it she would have been in dance and gymnastics this season too.

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i am getting ready to sign my kids up for upward sports. my son will play basketball and my daughter will cheer. other than we just have church and they hang out a lot with their friends. when in middle school, my daughter will start taking an elective at the PS and probably cheer as well. oh, and she currently takes guitar with her dad.

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Drawing, computer art, two have created a serial iPod program with with Playmobil characters lol, ballet, Uke, drums, marimba, piano (I have a budding Blues composer. ;)) One also runs for fun. ;) They swim for fun, and I have a couple of beach scavengers. I have Mason jars filled with shells, sand, and beach glass. :)

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Mostly sports. This our first year w/o scouts

ds: fencing, jiu jitsu, swimming, chess, piano, book club

dd 11: volleyball, gymnastics (just one day/week, may be stopping), fencing, choir, piano, book club, swimming

dd8: just finished soccer, will do basketball in Feb, gymnastics, swimming, piano, art classes


Some of this occurs during the school day.



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Boy Scouts


Hunting (bow and gun)

Fishing (bow and regular rod & reel)

Jujitsu (Mixed Martial Arts)


Music (guitar, drums, and piano)

weight lifting/muscle building

Computers (building, rebuilding, tweaking, driving me nuts with parts)



youth group



*eating and making messes


This list includes all 4 boys - they don't all do everything on the list.

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Activities-Piano, karate, choir, science/nature class

Hobbies-Legos, swimming, reading and talking about books, "building stuff and figuring stuff out" and piano, which also counts as a hobby because he really loves playing. He also wants to get back into chess. And play guitar, and do more musical theater, and start swim team....this is a kid who could do activities all day long.



Activities-Guitar, karate, choir, science/nature class

Hobbies-Legos, drawing, reading



Activities-Piano, karate, choir, science/nature class

Hobbies-Reading, Legos, asking and thinking about "what if?" and telling all of his what-ifs to Mom



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My 11 year old daughter is currently involved with:


Library book club (once every two to three weeks)


Homeschool wilderness club (periodically, has only really been once a month or so)


Girl Scouts (weekly; she did two years of Brownies, two years of Juniors, and is now in her first year as a Cadette)


Guitar Lessons (once a week for a half hour)


Homeschool Bowling League (once a week for a period of eight weeks; she's doing the fall league now which ends in December, and will do the winter/spring league starting around February)


Judo (weekly class she's been attending on Saturdays at the Y for about a year now).


She also does lots of field trips and outings with our homeschool group, and in the summer things like scouts and book clubs and bowling leagues fall by the wayside, and instead we do swimming lessons and art camps and host Fresh Air Fund children and such.


As for hobbies, she likes to write, read, draw, do arts and crafts type stuff, and ride her bike and play with neighborhood friends, or play imagination games, she likes to help cook/bake, she's learning from her dad here and there how to do balloon animals, and she loves listening to music.


My 6 year old son is currently involved with:


Homeschool bowling league, with his sister


The homeschool wilderness club, with his sister


Youth indoor soccer at the Y (He just finished playing an outdoor season through the town and is now doing an indoor instructional league for fun). (He tried teeball last summer but would often get bored and just want to play with the dirt. Soccer has been much more of a hit as there isn't so much standing around and waiting)!


He also does swim lessons and Montessori art camps here and there in the summer.


As for hobbies, he loves to play computer and video games, board games, play outside with other kids. Toys, crafts and books are hit or miss, nothing that stands out as a big hobby with those things.


(And then I have a special needs teen who attends a life skills school and is frequently involved in Special Olympic sports which requires me picking her up from school twice a week instead of her coming home on the bus.... yeah, I stay quite busy)!

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My son is 14.


*Guitar lessons (once a week, half hour lesson)

*Dog Agility - he and the dog go to a one hour class weekly. He enters a local agility trial 2-3 times a year

*Camp Fire USA - It started with a club as a Boy Scout alternative, but the club fell apart. He and another boy work on the requirements together, and once a month we drive 2 hours to the council office for meetings. It also involves a few campouts a year, and summer service learning projects.

*Airsoft - neighborhood battles, and a homeschool monthly activity


He likes playing computer games and xbox games. He usually plays both online with IRL friends.


We have a pool table, and he's learning to play.


He applied for a position as a zoo teen volunteer. We'll know next month if he gets called for an interview, and they choose who gets the positions (approx. 25 teens are chosen) by early January.


He had been in martial arts starting at age 6. Last year, when he became a black belt candidate, he decided he was done.

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DD1- 7.5 years old: piano, children's choir, a midweek social/religious group, a library group, soccer when it's in season, handicrafts (knitting, weaving, ect), and art


DD2- 4.5 years old: piano, children's choir, library group, soccer when in season, beginning handicrafts


DS1- 20 months old- destroying all above crafts/ ect. :tongue_smilie:

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Dd1(6) once a week does:


music lesson



riding lesson until it's cold (but she will be giving this up after this season)


She is in the local science club which meets once or twice a month too.


She's also done art class and may do it again this winter, or alternatively we might skate - not competitively, just as an introduction. The nice thing about the art class is that it is for homeschooled kids and is in the daytime, which means less crazy running around.


In summer she's been to drama camp.


She'd like to go to guides and 4H but I don't see how to fit them in.


Dd2 (almost 4) has a little riding lesson and will start a real one next spring. She tried ballet this September but didn't like it - I suspect she is not so much of a class kind of person as her sister.

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My son dances (tap, mostly), does theatre, sings with a choir, takes private voice lessons and participates on a Lego robotics team. Sometimes, when he has time on Saturday mornings, he does some model rocketry with Dad.


At home, he enjoys reading, playing the piano and keyboard, making costumes for conventions and fairs and Halloween and building various contraptions in the yard with duct tape, cardboard and PVC.


He volunteers at the science museum two or three afternoons a month and helps out with theatre camps for younger kids when he has time.


My daughter's life is all about theatre. She reads about Broadway people on the internet, reads books about how to be a working actor, prepares for auditions, goes to auditions, rehearses and performs. She also takes voice lessons. And she follows an assortment of bloggers. When those things run out, she likes to read and do some crafts. Lately, she's been crocheting. She's also teaching herself to play the ukelele.


She's been trying to get a local chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance up and running with a friend, but they've been having trouble finding a good place for regular meetings. So, that project is kind of on hold. She's also considering trying to put together a group to read and discuss plays.


As a family, we have season tickets for the Shakespeare theatre (which does more than Shakespeare) and for the Broadway touring series, as well as tickets for other local productions. On average, we attend three events per month.

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Art of all kinds

Poetry...yes, They like and initiate reading it...so I count it as a hobby/ like




Music appreciation...of all kinds

One dd is really into herbal and nutritional healing

One son is really into kick boxing


My kids love to help with construction projects

One son is really into plumbing and hvac work

One son is really into playing his guitars

One dd loves to work out at the gym

One is into fashion

One dd is an artist ( paid ). But also does it for the love of the craft

They all love to play video games...or reall hand to hand battle as long as no one really gets hurt....

One son loves to cook

One son loves to build


Gee...I think I am the one who needs the hobby....


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Rebecca takes 2 hours of gymnastics a week; Sylvia takes one. They both go to co-op on Mondays. Two Thursdays a month they have AHG and choir is once a week. In the spring, they play soccer; one practice and one game a week.


Otherwise, Sylvia just likes to play dress-up or pretend with Rebecca. Rebecca is very into crafts and can knit, cross-stitch, and latch hook. She'll learn to crochet once she finishes her latch hook, and I also got her a knot quilt set and potholder loom for Christmas. They both also like to draw or design doll clothes.

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My 14 year old dd takes 6 dance classes per week (pointe, ballet, select ballet, jazz, modern, and a company class). She is also involved with our church youth group, the Youth council, a teen Bible study, and National Honor Society. She is also in 2 co-ops (1 for literature/writing and the other is a full day program (she takes a study period, personal finance, and spanish).


My 10 year old plays soccer (spring and fall) and is very active in Cub Scouts (will be bridging over to Boy Scouts in March). He is also involved in Sunday School and a 4th/5th grade Youth group. He is also in a church youth choir/drama program. He does a lot of volunteer work also.


My 7 year old plays soccer (spring and fall) and is now in Girl Scouts. She is involved in Sunday School, church youth choir/drama program, and FaithWeaver Friends (which is a 2nd/3rd grade youth program at church).


My 4 year old played soccer for the first time this fall and will probably continue. She takes 1 ballet/tap class and is in our church junior choir.

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Piano lessons, co-op, Tae Kwon Do, and 4H robotics. They're involved in a robotics competition (FLL) that is meeting twice a week and taking us out of town at least twice. Once that is over (after Christmas) we'll start back up with swimming classes for homeschoolers at this local indoor pool. My youngest also takes ballet classes and my oldest will probably do basketball in the spring. We keep very busy, but I like it. I knew once we started homeschooling, that I couldn't keep my kids cooped up in the house all the time. They still comment that they miss their friends from school and I feel bad about that, but we're doing out best.

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