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If you are or were going to have your children memorize a timeline, how would you (do you) pick out which events are important enough to be memorized. We are putting together a timeline, and can choose between 105 and 210 events to memorize. We'd like it to be the same one each year, and Science and more could be intertwined.

I'm trying to figure out how our cards and sentence "facts" could be memorized. Interested in how you are doing it... what you can help think of.... I'm also thinking of assigning colors to help remember the facts (Science= Green) and dates.

Thoughts? :bigear:

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I would start with a basic breakdown of how many in each category, especially those I would want to emphasize in our home school.


So, we're more history oriented, so I'd make 1/2 of those history w/probably half of that total military events. I'd start with what I consider to be the most seminal events, Destruction of the Temple, 1066, 1215, 1776 (of course there would be a lot more; these just came off the top of my head). Then I'd probably divide the rest into 1/3s. 1/3 religious, 1/3 science, 1/3 art/music. I'd put the births of famous folks as closely to one category as possible. So if I were to use 200 cards, 100 would be typical military/political history events, 33 religious (focusing on our religion), 33 science and 33 art/music.


I'm mostly just thinking aloud, but really kind of like the idea. We're doing CC at home this year, and I've thought about buying the ones from the Catholic CC-like programs, but your idea sounds like more fun. Of course, a lot more time consuming, but probably more educational if the kids made them themselves and decided what to put in there. I'm sure if the decision were left up to them there would be a few dates saved for kids' or animal history.



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