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s/o Best Board Games for the Younger Set?

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What games have your kids especially enjoyed from ages 3-6?


We regularly play Candyland, Memory, and Shoots and Ladders, but I'm looking to add a few more as we institute a Family Game Night. The oldest is learning chess, and we have Sorry, Trouble, and Connect 4 waiting in the wings. Probably going to buy Blokus for DS4's fifth birthday.


What have you enjoyed?

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My kids liked "Guess Who" at 5 or so. Also, the two person Blokus might be better for that age. You really need to have 4 people to play the larger game unless you alter the rules. Mancala is pretty easy to learn, too.




Haha, I was going to say Guess Who! We LOVE that game.


Leaping Lizards is cute, as are Stare and Spot It.

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We love:

I can do that games (Richard Scarry's Busytown, Whats in the Cats Hat, Curious George Hide and Seek zoo and more)


Crainum games (Hullabaloo and Playground)


Blue Orange Games (Gobblet gobblers, Froggy Boogie, and more)


Melissa and Doug games (Puppy Pursuit; and also a sandwich one, frog one, and blocks one)


Gamewright card games (Too many monkeys, wig out)

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Some board, card and dice games that can be enjoyed by kids aged 3 to 6, with links to some lesser-known but especially good ones:


Multi-person games: Abalone, Bandu / Bausack, Bazaar (an old pattern-trading game), Blokus / Blokus Duo, Carcassonne, chess*, checkers, Chinese checkers, Connect Four, Froggy Boogie, Go, Hearts, Khet, Labyrinth by Ravensburger, Mancala, Mastermind, Monopoly, Pentago, Quoridor, Risk, Sequence for Kids, Six, Spades (and other whist variants), Stratego, Texas Hold 'Em (and other poker games), Topitop, Yahtzee


* No Stress Chess is reported by many to be an enjoyable way to begin learning. In addition there are many chess variants to explore, including the most difficult of all.


Single-person games: Air Traffic Control Tower, Anti-Virus, Architecto / Equilibrio / Tangramino / Cliko, Block by Block, Brick by Brick, Chocolate Fix, Clever Castle, Cover Your Tracks, Crazy Campers, Fire Escape, HooDoo Loop, Hoppers, Hot Spot, Maze Ways, Perplexus, Police Blockade, Rush Hour, Set, Shape by Shape, Sink or Swim, Solitaire Chess, TipOver, Zoologic

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Ours enjoy Uno, Blink, Set, and Skip-Bo. Also Go Fish and Old Maid with a regular card deck.


Board games: Blokus is a great idea. We also like Othello, Amazing Labyrinth, and Uncle Wiggly (which I despised but was loooooooved by all three of my boys). Rush Hour is fun.


We often played "older" board and card games in partners, each adult paired with a non-reader. It was fun to play games like Yatzhee, Pit, or Apples to Apples together.



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Board games that were a big hit at that age in our house include:


Ravensburger's Snail's Pace Race -- this is a game where the players do not win or lose, only the snails do.


Ravensburger's 4 First Games -- this set of four games has a fun variety of options. Even Grandmom played these!


There was another Ravensburger game that was big in our house. We called it the sailboat game but that wasn't the real name. As I recall, the beach changed throughout the game. (If that rings a bell with someone, I'd appreciate it if you could post the actual name of the game!)




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