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kindergarten games??

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i'm looking for board games for my 5 year old to play with his 8 year old brother. we have a lot of games, but they seem to be above his understanding. for example, they play monopoly together but my older ds just tells the younger one what to do...we have apples to apples, concentration memory type games and snails pace race game that they play well together...can anyone think of any other ones, educational or not...




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My girls are 4 and 7. They play monopoly together too, with the older telling the younger what to do LOL. Other games they enjoy together are:


Shrek memory

Candy Land



War (with a regular deck of cards)

Yahtzee Jr.

Hi Ho Cherry O


Yes, some of these are "below" my 7 year old's level, but she still really enjoys them. But then again, my 7 year old isn't "mature" and she will still watch TV shows like it Caillou, Dora, etc.

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A lot of games have "Junior" editions. My just-turned-six-year-old likes to play Monopoly, Jr. for example (ages 5-8).


He also enjoys many of the Dr. Seuss games (The Grinch Sing Your Heart Out is hilarious and lots of fun and is a cooperative game which is nearly impossible to win but fun anyway), Memory games, Guess Who, Life, Connect 4, War and similar card games, Perfection, etc.

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