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Crud, who did I meet yesterday at Legoland?

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Was the leader's name Betty? I was trying to find OUR Carolina Homeschool group and got over there first by mistake. They told me it was a HS group and when I got up to where the lady in charge's sign was, it said "Betty."


I was looking for Kari (also here on WTM) so I knew I had the wrong person! :lol:




ok, I just knew someone who was at LL on Friday who homeschools and has 9 yo twin girls. I don't know if she's on here though!


That's my only guess. Did you go through the midflorida homeschool yahoo group? that was a huge group!! I think 320 people went?? Crazy!

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Yeah, I found you!


I thought of you as I was cursing my battery for dying! :D I think I need that case!




Hi Dawn,



It was nice meeting you. See you in the parks. I thought of you as I was downloading the patch for the iPhone.

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NO! She revealed herself.


I also met Kari in SC.


I may meet more before the week is up!


See folks, I am REAL! :D




Oh crud back.


Not another famous person on WTM boards that we'll have to speculate and go crazy??????





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