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How many words for WRTR?


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I'd say figure out what your child can do and do it. My first grader does 40 words a week right now but generally doesn't have any problem spelling or reading. We'll slow down to 20 if things get tough. Read the FAQ on the website. It helped me a lot.


My first grader hated WRTR until we sped up to 40 words per week. We clearly don't do a lot of activities, but right now he doesn't need them. He now looks forward to WRTR each day. We choose trouble words (like school, in his case) and do things like write sentences with those. He also writes four sentences per day with about two words per sentence. He likes to write.



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I read somewhere that a first grader using WRTR writes 30 words a week. Is this about right? How many words would a 3rd grader be doing a week? Does it stay the same or do kids do more words each year? How does this program work for older children?


Spalding recommends 30 words a week. Personally, I tend to think that's quite a few for children younger than about 8yo, but you could see how your dc does with it.


Third grade and up are supposed to do 30 a week.


Spalding works well for learners of all ages who need to improve their spelling or reading skills.

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