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Call-back after mammogram, but can't get appt til after Thanksgiving . . .

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What do you think?


The radiologist read my films and compared to previous ones. S/he wants more specific compression in a specific area.


I am not panicking, but I admit I'm anxious. I lost my mom to b. cancer. I remember when she got the callback. . . . . . . . . . .


The technician who called explained the procedure and told me about dense tissue/etc (trying to reassure me, I'm sure). The radiologist will read the films while I'm there so there won't be any wait time after the appt.


Still. I wonder if I shouldn't be seeing someone sooner. Like today. Insisting they squeeze me. Or picking up my films and taking them to another hospital or clinic where I could get this checked now.


My dr is off today.



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You could ask if they have a cancellation list and ask to be on it.


:iagree: This is what I did. I got the callback in early December and they wanted me to wait until January. I was a nervous wreck for a day before I called them back and asked them to please squeeze me in or my anxiety would kick in big time and my family's holiday season would be ruined. I did get in just a few days after that. They read my film on sight and decided on a biopsy that I also managed to get done within the week. By Christmas, I was all in the clear. But I had to do a repeat mammogram and repeat ultrasound in June and i'm scheduled again next month. It's a nerve wracking ordeal, that's for sure.


Sorry about your mom. :( :grouphug::grouphug:

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