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ECC now and SL B+C next ???


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We're using ECC now, too. I've doing heavy duty research for next year, for Ancients, and Sonlight is near the top of my list so far.


As you know, ECC is world geography and cultural as it is now, there's very little history, only as it relates to a cultural signfigance. Sonlight B&C is world history, and as far as geography, it should pretty much only be covering the areas where the Bible is based, Egypt and Roman territory.

There's a few books that overlap, but very minor to the overall programs.


I wouldn't consider these to be similiar at all, in any way, on any point, in terms of content.

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The overview of world geography in Core B is minimal. In fact, it's so sporadic it is truly just an introduction. I don't think B+C has the same culture overview as B, only through Missionary Stories with the Millers and From Akebu to Zapotec. You barely skim the top of these regions. It is not like ECC at all. ECC is in depth, and B+C is not culturally in depth except related to the historical places. Not the same at all.


If there are a few overlap books that you've already read, I would just trade those out for something that has been on the backburner possibly? I don't know how many books are overlap, but that wouldn't be an issue either. Just read the new book choice in place of the books you already read in the schedule.

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