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prepackaged snacks

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I am the refreshment coordinator for a youth orchestra. This year we cannot have anything homemade per department of health and no perishables... Besides Hershey's kisses and oreos, can anyone think of anything healthy or snacky to eat after the concert? I thought of cookies, prepackaged cupcakes, individual packages of gold fish, raisins, hershey's kisses, snack packs of pretzels and potato chips.. NOT very festive...


If you have any ideas, please post.



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Dricoll's makes cups (pre-packed) of blueberries; Dole has a variety of water packed fruits (peaches, pears, etc.); other companies are making bags of sliced apples and you can buy individual caramel to dip if you wanted that too.


Dried fruits (raisins, crasins, etc.), trail mix bags, nuts and seeds, cheese and crackers also come individually packed.....so do the things that I, as a parent, would prefer my kid not be given (candy, cookies, chips).


There may also be the option to buy a pre-packed fruit & cheese tray at the grocery store since it'll be opened and consumed in the same place; you might want to consider crackers and individual packets of nut butters too?


A lot of supermarkets now make catering trays that I think also qualify - things like wraps cut in rolls or hot appetizers like mini egg rolls?

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