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If you like/use tablecloths, question for you...

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How do you get tablecloths to stay on straight? I've just bought my first one in many, many years in the hope of making our old banged up table look nicer. Now it just looks like a huge piece of cloth sliding off an old banged up table, which is not the look I was going for.

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You can buy it in rolls. Try that, maybe.


I find polyester is too slippery for my tastes. I use cotton most of the time, and linen for special occasions.

TJ Maxx is my favorite place to find cotton tablecloths.


My table is the same general size. The only slippy table cloth was a ghastly polyester one I bought by accident.


Those webby drawer liners can leave permanent marks in the finish. I would look into a protective table.. Pad? Those things you put on top of the table, under the table cloth, that protects the finish... I can't think of what they're called. I think they're a bit grabbier that the wood when you use synthetic table cloths. (that's what my MIL uses and they don't slide) I think they're modular, so you can add pieces in the middle when you add a leaf.

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Do they come that big? My table is something like 42 x 90 with one leaf in. Add another 12-14 inches if the second leaf is put in.


Would I have to have three of the liners for each table size? Without leaves, 1 leaf, 2 leaves?



I run mine length-wise, two across. I think you could get away with a strip down the middle.


P.S. I did this because I got one of those rolls for next to nothing at Goodwill. MUCH cheaper than a pad, etc.

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