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What can you tell me about Banff NP?

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I'd love to go ever since I read about it years ago in some romance type book. My 20th anniversary is coming up next year. I'm wondering about going to Banff, maybe with the kids, maybe without.


How is the weather in May? Will it be too cold for this southern "I hate the cold" girl? Are things open then? Will it be pretty? DH and I like to get outdoors, I assume there is outdoor stuff to do?


Talk to me! :)

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Our family camped in Banff NP in 2005 on our drive from Vancouver back to the midwest and we loved it. Lots of wildlife. We visited Lake Louise and walked around Banff doing touristy-type exploring and walked down by some of the water. I can't speak to the weather, since we were there in the summertime. I had read about the area in a Dick Francis mystery book I had and thought it was neat to see the places, too.


Erica in OR

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for an anniversary i would stay here




i would pay extra for a lake view room.

and watch groupon and other sites for room deals.


in may, the temperatures can be odd, think below freezing at night, and mid 60's in the daytime....


i think my favorite time of year in banff is august or september....




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