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What made you smile today?

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Watching dh and 2 dd climb a big rock;

Watching my family enjoy being out climbing rocks and looking at things/trying to catch things like tiny frogs and fish.

Reading someone's post about her baby and mountains and all that squishy stuff.

The way the clouds and sunset look through my cheap sunglasses.

Being outside for hours.

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I had just won a particularly arduous game of Sorry when my DS9 said, "we have to play to the finish." The two other players were about to rebel--I mean really, who wants to come in second--when DS9 started doing everyone's turn for him/her at really high speeds. You had to be there, but it was just so funny. He'd hop to the other person's spot, pull a card, move the piece while imitating the person, jump to the next spot, etc. He finished the game in about 5 minutes and we were all left laughing. He came in last and was just delighted with everything. So funny.

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From MyCrazyHouse's THE Talk thread


My ds10 said the other day, "Mom, I think one time I came to your door when you and dad were doing s*x." (Gotta love that phrase, doing s*x.) Of course I'm thinking, "what did he hear???"

"Why do you think so?" (gulp)

"Because I had a bad dream and the door was locked, and when I knocked you said, 'just pray to God and go back to bed!'"


Yup, son, you're probably right. :blush:



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A friend from Bible Study came over today at 3 and helped us prime our entire second floor (In fact, she just left about 20 min. ago).

The second floor is primed -WOOOP!!

My 21 made a delish dinner for everybody while we painted (she's worked 3 weeks straight- 7 days a week so cooking was a break from painting) and then totally cleaned the kitchen and put away the groceries.

AND, my 11 primed the walls of a bedroom all by himself (and then kept going to prime a couple more walls in other rooms).

Shower time- HOT showers make me smile BIG!:001_smile:

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I went to a craft fair today and my sweet hubby called me while I was there and told me (knowing that I don't like to spend much on me) to buy one thing that I really wanted and it was a gift from him.He is so sweet. That made me smile!!


However, I left the craft fair and went to Target and bought my dd a new big girl seat for the car. =)

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