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Good resources for learning plants/herbs (for both kids and adults)


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I'm posting in case any one else is interested in having their kids learn more about botany/medicinal herbs.


My kids both LOVE this game, "Wildcraft!: An Herbal Adventure Game". They both are learning a lot from it (as have I). Although I use traditional medicine(s) for hard-to-cure ailments, we've had pretty good luck with herbal treatments for minor stuff, and my kids have learned a lot of plants by playing the game.


If you buy the game from the man who created it, you will receive 5 or 6 free e-books on herbs (some useable with kids) - although I'm not sure if you have register the game first. (Note: on this site, the game does cost $8 more than Amazon).


LearningHerbs.com (the same company that does the game) also has a free e-course that you can take to learn more herbs.


I cannot say enough good things about the Kids Herb Book. It has also been a well-used and well-enjoyed resource for us (this book has nothing to do with the site/game listed above). Shanleya's Quest is at times a bit bizarre, however, it is wonderful for teaching plants by family ("Mint Island", "Pea Island", "Meeting the Lily Cluster") so that my kids are starting, when they see a plant they do not know, to look for what botanical family the plant belongs to. (Christians, please note: Shanleya's Quest presents an evolutionary story and talks about "Father Sun", etc. at the beginning of the book).


And, finally, my dd really enjoys the Medicinal Plants Coloring Book (my son, not so much).


Just to clarify, I do not have any relationship, financial or otherwise, with any of the above resources. Just posting in case others will enjoy!

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