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TT 7 to BCM to Introductory Algebra?

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My younger son is doing TT7 now. Is it possible to move to BCM next? He needs solid review. Then could he move into Introductory Algebra?


(Since I've discovered InterActMath.com the huge problem sets are no longer a problem.)


I "think" I want to him to do BCM along with Keys to Algebra next.


Right now he is doing Key to Fractions and Key to Decimals along with TT7. What do you think about finishing the Keys to Fractions and Decimals and then moving right on to BCM without finishing TT7?


I asked about Tobey Intermediate Algebra yesterday for my older son. He could not wait to begin Math today! He loves the InterActMath site and I think there are plenty of problems on it. If we need more we can pull them out of the textbook. My younger son said, "Can I do that math too?" So that got me thinking and reading threads.


I know this question has been asked a million times. I need to leave for work in a couple of hours and do not have time to wade through all the threads right now.


Starting in January my work schedule will not intervene with school so much and I will not need independent math like I do now. To clarify: He will continue with TT7 until my schedule settles down.


High School Math Mavens: What say you???


Thanks again!:D

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to clarify
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