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Ready Bodies Learning Minds Program

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I have it and have been using it with ds since spring. It is really best and most appropriate for kiddos 3-6. If money is a big concern, I don't think you necessarily need the teacher's manual. If you have had dealings with a PT or OT in the past the info. probably won't be anything new to you. I did gain a few things from the manual and do think it is worthwhile, but you can make do without it. The program is kind of that area where OT and PT cross.


I do like the program and think that some of ds's gains in coordination (went from the 4th percentile to the 18th percentile) are definitely attributable to the Ready Bodies program. Most of the exercises require some equipment, but it all your standard type stuff (balance beam, scooter board, variety of balls, jump rope, etc..).



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