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Ohio homeschoolers?

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I posted on the networking board too, but I know this one is more active.


I have been around the WTM forums for years. Some of you will know who I am :)


I popped in tonight because I am considering a move to Ohio. One of my considerations would be the ease of finding a community for my children. I was wondering what the home school environment was like in the Coshocton county area, and whether there might be any active groups there.



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My experience has been that the lower half of our state has more active homeschooling groups of all kinds. Up here in the Northern half, I've been extremely disappointed in trying to get connected with anything that isn't a Catholic group and/or that I don't have to drive over 25-30 min. to get there!

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I'm in central Ohio, and it seems like there's a lot of homeschoolers in the various suburbs here. There are a ton of Classical Conversation groups, a group called INCHES, which is inclusive, non-religious, quite a few religious groups, and lots and lots of homeschool activites, eg. the zoo has homeschooling programs every month, as does science museum. We have a guy who runs a homeschool gym program and will commute to various groups/rec centers. The rec centers around here tend to be very homeschool friendly as well. Several Ys have homeschool swim, gym, and art classes...I could go on.




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