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Friend wants to homeschool 6th grader. please help me give her advice!


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Hey my super helpful favorite homeschool and afterschool mommies and daddies! I just got this message on facebook


"I have some questions maybe you could help me with. I see that you home school your children. As a single parent, is it financially and time-wise possible for me to home school my 12 yr old son? He is in the 6th grade in public school. I am sooo sick and tired of dealing with inadequate teaching. Its not just in Jasper. I have moved him to 2 different schools and it is the same everywhere. He is in advanced and accelerated classes and I just do not feel he is getting the best. Please, any suggestions about homeschooling?"


So I was hoping the collective hive could help my friend out. I don't have a sixth grader and I probably spend more than I should on curriculum. I was thinking online classes could help her with time but switched on schoolhouse is all I know (Thank you Duggars ;p) and that is pretty expensive.

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First of all she needs to decide what her "philosophy" is. Does she want school at home, Interest led, Charlotte Mason, TWTM... or many others. Also what is her childs learning style? This isn't as hard as it sounds but does require some research. Once she knows how she wants to teach then she can find the best curriculum to fit her needs. Since she's a single working parent here's what I'd suggest. She's going to need a program that is somewhat independent for him. Whether she goes with a boxed curriculum or one of her design, it will need to be well laid out and easy for him to follow. If you're in a state that offers K-12 for free then she could do that for free. It's basically PS at home but better. I use some of the K12 books without the actual classes. Otherwise most "boxed" curriculum can be expensive. She can come on here and ask specifics about different programs and how to put together a more "ecclectic" style.

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