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s/o Overpopulation is a myth

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My post seems to have gotten lost in the other thread so thought I'd repost here:




The rate of population growth has actually been slowing down and by mid-century population in the world will begin to decrease. World population will peak at about 9 billion and in 75 years we'll be back at 7 million and will keep decreasing after that.


Be sure to watch all the videos (there are about 5 and they are all about 2 or 3 minutes each, irrc). Fascinating stuff.

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I know this is such a controversial subject... I have a degree in biology and went to a series of lectures by a professor in Chicago on this subject. He demonstrated how man-made population controls of animals and plants failed every time. He showed how populations were controlled by mathematics. He addressed the population control measures in China and the possible genetic and social effects it will have later. He also gave examples of scientists controlling animal populations (one of the things was introducing predators to control a prey species) and how mathematics, genetics and nature take over every time.


He was a fascinating dude. :coolgleamA:

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