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Singapore 5A/B bar diagram additional practice - which book?


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My kiddo who is using Singapore 5A (U.S. edition) needs much more practice with bar diagrams.


There are so many supplemental books... Intensive Practice, Extra Practice, Challenging Word Problems, and probably more that I can't think of...


Which supplemental book(s) give extra practice with bar diagrams?

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Extra Practice is, I believe, intended to provide additional problems in all topics at a difficulty level comparable to the Workbook.


Intensive Practice provides additional problems on all topics at a level at and beyond the Workbook.


CWP is simply more word problems, both at and above the difficulty of the Workbook.


Also, don't forget the "Practice" sections in the TEXT. I rarely used them, but if you have a topic that is not mastered well yet, I suggest using those problems before moving on.


I'd probably suggest 1) Using the Practice sections in the text, then 2) adding CWP, as the word problems provide you with the most practice designing bar diagrams, etc.


If the child is having trouble in most problem areas (say 30% or more of the types of problems), then I'd definitely look at Extra Practice. I can't vouch for it, as I've never seen it, but from what I hear, it would fit the bill best for reinforcing all materials.


If you add CWP, I suggest using it about one semester BEHIND where the child is now. So, if the child is having a rough time in 5, then do CWP4 this year. You can do a page or two of CWP a couple times a week as supplement to the normal progression of 5, or even take a break from 5 for a week or so and do CWP4 for that time, swapping back and forth as desired.


(If the child is struggling, I would add IP yet if ever.)


ETA: Don't forget that you can easily design your OWN problems following models of those in the text & wkbk. You can also recycle problems from a few days/weeks/months ago. Just write up the problems on blank paper. The child will rarely notice that you've recycled a problem, especially if you change "books" to "toy cars" and "apples" to "coconuts" etc. :)

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