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History for K


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I am having a hard time coming up with history for my dd. We are doing HOD LHFHG but my DH does not like the history text for that. I was thinking of doing something like reading "If You sailed on the Mayflower in 1620" by Ann McGovern since it's almost Thanksgiving time and reading a section of that each night or something. I think the Mayflower one might be ok for my dd but I'm not sure the other ones in the series wouldn't be over her head. Anyone have any suggestions?



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I don't think they would be over her head. We used them around that age and it established a good foundation for US history. The ones who liked to draw would trace or draw pictures from the book for a history notebook, the others would make playdough or lego reproductions, etc.. There are so many picture book options that you can easily cover history that way, but cementing the ideas with a craft notebook, narrating, or something similar is important. You wouldn't believe how many blank stares I've gotten over the years related to books I read aloud, but did not follow-up review.

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Do you have any suggestions on picture books other than the ones from that series? I was looking at The History of the US by Joy Hiamker (or something like that) and not sure about those books for this age group. I think a quick overview of AMerican history before jumping into world history will make things easier for my dd to understand, so I am trying to figure out how to do this in a fun way and then we'll start SOTW next year. That's my goal at least.

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I just purchased and started using Elemental history and this is only the first week of using it but so far we really like it. I LOVE the layout!


We used part of Little Hearts a few times the past year and a half and I just couldn't get into the activities or the very brief readings. My kids are use to sitting for longer books and numerous in one setting. The elemental history activities are a really nice add in and fun for my kids ages.


I started in Week 6 so that it lined up with Thanksgiving and there is no problem starting there. There are some resources but you could look at the library instead of purchasing them.


Best of all it is only $15 for the TM and student pages - and instantly in your hands if you choose the ebook!:D

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I decided to do a trip around the world this year with my kids. We have actually decided to do this for 2 years and add in a few science units a year as well.


Here are my core books I am using for all 7 continents:


National Geographic Kid's World Atlas (along with a globe and some large laminated maps from Geomatters)

Around the World Art and Activities

Encyclopedia of Animals

Children Around the World

Around the World in 80 Tales

Wee Sing Around the World

Stories from Around the World



We spent about 2 months on the US (since we were easing into HSing) so we covered each region of the country. For the Southwest, we learned about deserts and Native Americans; for the Northeast, we learned about the Mayflower and the Statue of Liberty; for Alaska, we learned about dogsledding (Akiak and Togo are amazing books); for the Southeast, we learned about swamps. I would basically pick one major thing to learn about each region so the kids have something to remember it by. We learned about Aztecs in Mexico and the monarch butterflies that go there every year, we learned about Mayans in Latin America as well as about the rain forest animals, we learned about snorkeling and volcanoes in the Caribbean. I would get library books about the regions we were in. I could usually find some good stories and picture books about the regions. I also read passages from other books while they colored pictures I printed for free on the internet. We would talk about geography and do mapwork the first day. Later in the week, we would talk about animals. The kids loved the animal study so much that I started doing an animal a day from the region. They would color a picture of it and then they would make a little Who Am I? booklet (took this idea from an Amanda Bennett unit study I used for Canada) for each animal. They would think of clues and then try to "trick" Daddy when he got home from work. At the end of the North America Unit study, we had a fiesta and invited my DH's parents. The kids made decorations and we hung up all the maps, flags and animal pictures they colored. It was a lot of fun!


As soon as we are done with our Solar System Unit Study, we are moving on to South America. :D

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