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Lego games...are they fun??

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Our children LOVE Lego Digital Designer. It is a free 3D Lego modeling program that they can download from the Lego website. They can basically build and visualize anything they want out of Legos with that program. It is a hit will all five of our children still at home.


I think they also have an old program called Drome Racers which they like.

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We have Robo Champ (I got in on clearance for $5) and the boys really enjoy it. Their friends have Creationary, and I plan on getting it for Christmas since my boys have now asked for it. My oldest wants to buy another Lego game with his own money.


Creationary! That's the one I want to get the kiddos for Christmas!

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Ours enjoy the Heroica games the most. They are also fun for the adults to play and we often have family Heroica battles. To play with more than 2, 3, or 4 players you need all four sets though.

We also have:

- Minotaurus and Frog Rush, which are both fun

- Ninjago and Creationary, that no one plays very often.


Our boys usually end up just using the pieces from Creationary to build their own creations, or build things they see on the cards. The boys prefer to all be doing something, rather than waiting for each player to build, one person at a time.


As far as the Heroica games go. . . Draida Bay is small, and only supports two players. Waldurk Forest and Caverns of Nathuz are both for 2 - 3 players. Castle Fortaan is a 2 - 4 player game. All of these sets can be "expanded" though by allowing one person to play the monsters and if you get more than one set, they can be joined together to form larger maps, and allow for more players to play. They are a lot of fun - for all of us, even the four year old!

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I had to add more pieces to the Creationary. I have four kids playing and it was hard for them to play without adding more.

I found this game long time ago on ebay for $15 http://www.amazon.com/LEGO-08553-Lego-Creator-Deluxe/dp/B000065CRK. It's an old game but my kids can't stop playing with it. Don't pay what amazon it's asking for. :tongue_smilie:

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Ours enjoy the Heroica games the most.


:iagree: Both my boys like this game.



The Harry Potter game is great! I got it for my teen and we both enjoyed playing. I don't know how old your dc are, but the game was challenging. I would say for age 10 and up.


:iagree: My older son loves this game.

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