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What does it mean when you have a referral?

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I have no idea. I just looked at your profile page and couldn't even figure out how to post/send/leave a referral. Then I checked mine and I have 0 referrals. And it made me somewhat disappointed. I feel like that comedy sketch about people being ticked off that the airplane phone service was down when they didn't even know it existed in the first place.


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cut/paste from board faqs:



The administrator may have enabled referrals, which allows you to be credited for any new users you invite to the forum.


You gain referrals by promoting The Well-Trained Mind Forums (aka Hive Mind) using your unique referral link. The link you should use as your referral link is this:




Each time someone follows this link to The Well-Trained Mind Forums (aka Hive Mind) and registers as a new member, your referral count will be incremented by one. The number of referrals you have can be viewed in your profile.


Your administrator will have more information on any prizes or rewards that may be given out for referrals. Please be courteous when promoting The Well-Trained Mind Forums (aka Hive Mind) by not spamming other web sites with your referral link just to gain referrals.

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