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How long does a washing machine last?

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We have a Kenmore front loader. It is 8 years old. It is leaking. In the past it has had a number of problems that the repair guy told me was due to this being a model that had some bugs in it that were fixed in subsequent models. Dh thinks that we should research getting a new one instead of fixing it. How long do these new washing machines last? Is it worth trying to fix it? What says the hive?

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They do not last as long as they use to.


I purchased a Kenmore front loader washer and dryer approximately 8 years ago as well. The washer is still going, but my dh has had to work on it. The dryer, however, has already been replaced. Before it was replaced it caught on fire, stopped drying numerous times, and simply didn't work properly - ever.


A friend of mine had many problems with her washer - about same age and same brand - with repairmen working on it several times before she replaced it.


I agree with the repairman. The older, original models of the front loaders from Kenmore (and GE) are really buggy. The newer ones seem to work much better. I'd suggest replacing it. In the long run you'll save repair money especially since it may never work properly.

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My Grandma's maytag was over 30 years old. However, I don't expect my washer to last more than 10 years (I hope it does though)


8 years ago was about when front loaders were becoming popular. I think a lot of models had bugs at that time. I remember reading about leaks and mold. My front loader is newer and my research when I purchased showed that most brands had solved the earlier glitches.

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My Kenmore washer and dryer are 21 years old and are going strong. We had a minor repair done on the washer about 5 years ago. Now that DH understands what the problem was, he could easily fix it himself if it happens again.


I am not impressed with the new front-loading washers and dryers, so we'll be holding on to ours as long as possible. We'll do repairs as needed to make them last.

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