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Facebook, again.. how do I hide someone's status updates?

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Please help me out.. I am an technological dinosaur, but I need to DO something about this because it is making me crazy.


I have a friend - well, more an acquaintance through mutual connections - who often puts contentious posts and links on her facebook page. I would just rather not see them, but I don't know how to get rid of them from my status feed (? or whatever it's called) without unfriending her altogether. She's never written anything unpleasant on my page, so I'm good with her being able to access my page if she wants to.. and me hers for that matter.. I just don't want to see her updates.


How do I do that?

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On her status, move your cursor to the right upper corner. An arrow will appear, click it and it gives you several options. One is to hide all of her status updates.


Ok.. so unsubscribing to her status updates will only remove them from my news feed, not remove her entirely from my friends list? I don't want her to know I've done it.

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