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Orthodontic assisting as a job/career (after I finish homeschooling)

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I like older kids and teens better than I like a lot of adults (I like people-watching, but think I'm a bit on the introverted side of "middle") and I was thinking that working with teens in "controlled" circumstances might be enjoyable, rather than in the free-for-all of the classroom.



What do I need to know about orthodontic assisting as a job/career? What kind of prep needed to work in the field? What is a reasonable entry level income? (I'm older, but inexperienced.) Pros vs. cons?


Thanks for your input!

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In most states, you'll need to go to dental assisting school for the basic training. This can be between 9 months and 2 years long, depending on where you go and how accelerated the program is. Part of the training is doing clinical rounds in all the areas of dentistry and you can apply to work with which ever dentists you like. Also many states require a license to be a dental assistant, so there's a national exam and some states require their specific state's license, and there's an exam for that.


Salary level varies from area to area, so do some googling on that and see what the average is where you live.


I went to dental assisting school in CA, at a community college. I did it in one year, but it was at a fast pace and was exhausting. I did this as a single mom, too. But, I liked the fast pace of it all. When I did clinical rotations, I really enjoyed oral surgery, but thought orthodontics was a bit boring. But, that's just personal preference.


My STRONG advice is to check out schools and make sure you get a good one. You might want to even call some orthodontists in your area and see what schools they hire out of. You don't want to pay for training that is subpar.


Good luck! I enjoyed dental assisting.

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