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Careers/jobs after homeschooling? (or what to do after I grow up)

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This will probably be the first of several threads that I post on the topic asking for information from all the many women gathered here. Thanks in advance!


My last student will graduate in a year and a half, and dh feels that I need to begin preparation so that I can transition sooner, rather than later, into doing what I want to do in the ten years or so before his retirement. He is dealing with a health issue, so does not expect to be a long-lived guy. When he can retire, he will, so I need to work hard while he is and then we will play hard together while we can.


I don't have any desire to *teach* in public schools, and I'm not sure I even have the patience to teach in any large classroom. I think I do better with kids in small groups, or one on one. I'm not that fond of kids, but I think I like adults even less, and probably teens a bit less than kids, although I like my own kids and their friends. : )


If I could find something that I could do at a school so that I had the school year schedule, with late afternoons and summers off, that would fit my dh's life swimmingly. Any thoughts?


In two other posts, I'll ask about eldercare careers and working in dental or orthodontic assisting. Please visit there if you have any thoughts.


Thanks immensely!

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