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Mathnasium or student tutor

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I hope this is ok to post here. I am looking for advice. My 8th grader is struggling with algebra. I (the math geek) can help her, but she fights with me. I am considering either a student tutor from her school, or taking her to the local Mathnasium. She is resistant to both, but is unable to bring up her grades by herself. Does anyone have any feedback to sway me one way? I would have to pay daycare for younger sibs if dd stayed at school for the tutor so money isn't the biggest driver of my decision. Thank you.

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Mathnasium is a professional (franchised) tutoring service - sort of like Sylvan or Huntington. The child brings the schoolwork there 2x a week, and the teacher works with them to understand concepts, get the work done, etc. The teacher also works with students to fill in any gaps they might not know. It is math only. Unlike Kumon, there is no homework from Mathnasium. Thank you for asking the clarification.

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