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tell me about making latkes

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We make a HUGE batch every year at Hanukkah, and have such sweet memories of it. I don't think you can make them ahead because the shredded potatoes darken quickly, but I think King Arthur carries a box mix. We make both the traditional potato latkes that we serve with applesauce and sour cream, and a sweet potato version that we serve with cinnamon honey. :drool5: We use a simple recipe from here: http://chalutzproductions.com/FeedMeBubbe/Recipes/Recipe13.html

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At our annual Hanukkah party for the congregation we make several dips:


Sour Cream

Smoked salmon in cream cheese

Roasted red pepper


Apple sauce in different flavors

Pineapple with cottage cheese


I can't think of the other dips now but just about anything goes with latkes.


We have used both fresh and frozen and I don't think I would prepare the batter the night before either.

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The best way to make latkes is to have my mother-in-law make them. After that, I buy them at the Deli. I rarely make them because I hate the way fried foods linger in the air for days on end. But, on the rare occasion that I will actually make them myself I use this recipe: http://www.nycnosh.com/?p=98.

Sometimes, I like to make zucchini latkes instead of potato.


I prefer sour cream with my latkes. But, if having a meat meal-applesauce.

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Latke making is one of those times I find having a French Mandoline invaluable. Run the long way the strips are long and uniform and the cooked texture turns out "lacy."


Do squeeze the shredded potatoes very well (several times) in cheese-cloth until dry.


For a topping nothing, to my mind, beats Russian-style sour cream (substitue with crème fraîche, but not American-style sour cream) and Salmon roe caviar. Mmmmmm.



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On making them ahead: I recently read a recipe that called for parboiling the potatoes first to make the frying go faster (e.g., at a party). I wonder what would happen if you parboiled and grated the potatoes the day before? I might give that a try with, like, one potato some time, just to see.


Also, my mom always makes her latkes ahead and freezes them. Generally they reheat quite nicely, although still not the same as just made.

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