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Unearthing real vampire culture (news article)

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article link


John Edgar Browning studies real vampires.


These are not the immortal, predatory shapeshifters of legend and lore, but modern people who believe that they need to be psychically or physically nourished by blood or energy drawn from other humans.


Browning, 31, a tall, soft-spoken man with an accent that indicates his Tennessee roots, is a Ph.D. student and Arthur A. Schomburg Fellow in the University at Buffalo's Transnational Studies Department. Browning arrived in Buffalo in August after spending several years at Louisiana State University. There, he researched the vampire subculture of New Orleans, which is now the topic of his doctoral dissertation.


(more at the above link)


This might be just about as far away from the topic of home education as a person can get :laugh:


I just thought this was interesting when it came my way ~ I've heard tell of the vampire subculture before, but mostly through random internet chatter. This guy is a university PHD fella who is doing all sorts of research on this.

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You almost woke up our newbie! Okay so it was me laughing at your comment, but still. :p


Well, you never know what kind of socialization homeschoolers are or aren't getting at home. ;)


I think this is funny as heck. What exactly does he do when he completes his dissertation? Do they make him a real vampire slayer?? :lol:


:lol: Maybe a reality TV show? :D

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Kidding aside, there likely *are* people who were home educated and grew up to join this subculture…and there may very well be some people right here on this board who participate - home educating isn't just for a specific group of people. I didn't post it with the intentions of laughing at the guy - I mean heck, he's a PHD student - I've never even been within sniffing distance of a university :tongue_smilie: although it's also good to have a sense of humour about things and I bet he does - it's prolly come to good use, given that he's studying something unusual.


There's even some organizations: Atlanta Vampire Alliance …and some more, but they were mostly in the form of yahoo groups.

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It is a rather lengthy (think book length) research paper followed by an intense presentation called a "defense" in front of university professors.


Ahhh. Thanks! :D I don't think I'd mind doing the writing part - but I'd hate having to present (and defend) anything to anyone. ever. at all. Yeah I don't like that. Can ya tell? :p

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I wonder what percentage of vampires were homeschooled?


I would think that most of them would be homeschooled, what with that whole "can't go out in the sunlight" thing. What vampire mom in her right mind would send her little ones off to their first day of kindergarten, knowing full well that they'd turn into a pile of dust before they got halfway to the bus stop?


And I'm just guessing here, but they probably don't use BJU, Abeka, or CLE... ;)

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