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Eye surgery on kids

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My nephew (2yo) is scheduled to have a cataract removed next week. It is outpatient. They are hoping to save the remaining vision in his eye. Anyone else BTDT?


Any sage advice?



I was the one having eye surgery,so nothing there.


I do have one that had two surgeries when he was 11 mos and 13 mos. I was still nursing, so I did lots of holding, snuggling, nursing, etc. gave him pain meds that actually also helped him sleep. just took it easy until he was feeling better.

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DS had eye surgery on both eyes when he was 2, nearly 3. It was corrective surgery for strabismus, though, so I'm not sure how many similarities there would be between his experience and the one you're describing. Waking up from anesthesia was the hardest part for DS; he's gotten better as he's gotten bigger, but when he was tiny, he woke up CRANKY. They have to make sure they're all the way awake before they'll give them anything to help them calm down, though, which is frustrating, but I started asking for the Motrin as soon as he started growling. DS also cried tears of blood after his surgery, which freaked me out. They assured me it would be okay, though, and it was. DS slept quite a bit that day but was fine the next. Little kids are amazingly resilient after surgery. I hope your nephew comes through okay and they're able to save his sight!

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My dd had 3 eye surgeries when very young. She woke up from anesthesia HYSTERICAL. It was the roughest part. And we used the doctor we used for time #1 bc/ of insurance. Dumb move. She had #2 and #3 to try to fix what he did poorly. I wish I had fought tooth and nail for the guy everyone knew was best and whom we used eventually.

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