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Have read through and love FLL! Questions

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I'm so glad I got it from the library and like it instead of buying and not liking. I will work through a bit with ds before buying.


I know that complete sentences is a huge deal, but can anyone give me ideas of how to work up to that? Ds hates repeating things he's said and rarely speaks in sentences.


How clearly should I try to get him to speak? Since he doesn't currently have a speech therapist, I thought I would try and combine everything and turn it into a speech lesson.

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I assume you're talking about getting complete sentences from your child when he or she (sorry, I can't remember if you said dd or ds) gives responses to your questions. Whenever my dd answers in an incomplete sentence, I remind her that I need complete sentences and tell her to repeat the appropriate response after me. After a while, she gets it. HTH.

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i can't answer to the speech issue, but I'll tell you that both of my girls sometimes still need prompting for complete sentences. However, even before they knew what a complete sentence was, giving them a subject prompt ("He...," "The...") almost always got the desired result, because they knew what *sounded proper.

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