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How are you using Spelling Workout?


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I've cycled out of SWO right now, but we did the reading and first page of work the first day, the next page took two day with a quiz AFTER day 2 and before the third day. Then the last page was day 4. Kiddo got bored after 3.5 books, but I will cycle back after a few months, I hope, after we do a little detour in direct tutoring in word attack skills. :)

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We used about 5 SWO books (skipped one, I think, because dd went to school for 3rd grade, and we did nearly two in one year a couple of times).


I did not use the teacher's manuals.


First day, she'd read aloud the first page (where the words are used in paragraphs). Then I'd read the list of words, maybe pointing out some things. Then she'd do that page's work. Next time, she'd the next page, and I may make her write out her spelling words in some interesting way, like in alphabetical order, or with red vowels and blue consonants, or using stamps (maybe picking 5 as doing all of them in stamps took too long), or (when she was 1st grade) using moveable letters (magnet letters).

Next time, she'd do the editing work on the last page. We never did the writing portion (the last exercise) because we were writing elsewhere and because there wasn't any room on the page.

Tests were on Friday. I'd pretest (all the words) most of the time at the beginning of the week, but sometimes I didn't bother.


Some weeks, she took a week for each lesson. Sometimes we condensed by doing spelling every day. And some lessons were sooo easy that we just pretested the list, talked about the concepts (if any) and then moved on.


For the chapter reviews, I pretested everything. Her spelling list for that week was just the words she missed, and she'd take two days to do the workbook, broken up as she pleased. This was one of the ways we were able to get nearly 2 books done in 1st, 2nd and 4th.


Mine's a good, visually-oriented speller--with a more "sound-speller" child, I'd go slower.

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Here is what a week looks like for us.


Monday: Story, Page with list words, and a pretest

Tuesday: Top box of next page, write words missed on pretest 5 times each

Wednes.: Bottom box on next page, write words missed on pretest 5 times each

Thurs: Proofreading box on last page, & spelling city.com

Friday: Test (kids make index cards for words missed....I will probably have them practice these words on spelling city.com)



I am considering switching to All About Spelling for my daughter if she continues to miss a lot of words on the test though. My fourth grader is doing really well with it though.

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We do a bit more. We take the pre-test (with all the list words) and do the first work page on day one. Day two my girls will write out the list word with the definition (they start this in level E). The third day they do SpellingCity.com. They love it and they get extra practice with thier list words. My oldest does the third and fourth page together then the test the following day. My youngest does the third page one day then the next day she will do page four of the lesson and the test.


Hope that helps, though I admit it was a bit late. ;)



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