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Vision Therapy in MD/PA

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I realized after I posted that he's quite a bit south of where you were mentioning. He has offices in Annapolis and Bethesda.


Dr. Applebaum is married to an OT, and they collaborate to provide services when needed. He lectures nationally (I attended one of his courses, taught with an OT), and at that time he mentioned that he hired optometrists to do the vision therapy in his office. Vision Therapists are often teachers with extra training - there is no degree program for VTs, just specialty classes and supervision by an OD. Dr. Applebaum has co-authored Eye Power:




I wish I had taken my son to him when we lived in the area, but I didn't know then what I know now....didn't even know he existed then. If I lived in PA I'd be tempted to give him a call and see if he recommends anyone particular in my area.

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