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Saxton or Christian Light Math?

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CLE gives my son confidence .He actually enjoys it , although he struggles wit ha few concepts. Saxon did not work at all . We are also using Singapore which I do not think it would work for him if using it exclusively . My son needs a lot of repetition , thus CLE is perfect for him.


If your son needs repetition, CLE is great, if not , I'd recommend Singapore .

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We used Saxon 5/4 last year and by the end of the year it was a total burnout situation. He has some dysgraphic issues as well and I was writing out all of the problems for him. We switched to CLE this year, and had to backtrack a little, but he is doing very, very well. I highly recommend it.

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I used Abeka with my middle daughter...and she did wonderful. My little one isnt getting it. I switched this past week to CLE 3rd grade after reading so many positive reviews and I love what I see so far. I did buy the TE and the student packs. I love it. It looks simple to follow with lots of review and simple layouts! I think its worth the try for the price! I was worried since I had Alpha Omega Math a few years back for my oldest...and I hated that!! CLE looks great. It has samples online that you can see a lot from. I like the little checkmarks that tell you what to do before the lesson.

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