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Saxon Algebra 1 to Algebra 2: Review at start of text?

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We didn't start using Saxon until dd started using it for Algebra 1, but I've heard that there's lots of review in each textbook of previous textbooks in the elementary levels. Is this also true of the transition from Alg 1 to Alg 2? IOW can I somehow test dd out of a few lessons of Alg 2 right off the bat? Really don't want her annoyed and bored. Thanks!

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Yes, there is concept review from Alg 1 for the first 30-35 lessons BUT from lesson 1 they take the problems up a notch in difficulty, and they start with new materials LONG before they stop reviewing. She should not be bored, and I REALLY would not recommend skipping anything. Saxon Alg 2 is a good bit more difficult than Alg 1. One word of warning, the lessons in the 50s-60s range where they start to introduce trig concepts were extremely difficult for me as an adult learner, I had to go through them about three times before they started to stick.

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