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Child who needs constant activities?

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We have an 8 yr old who for the most part doesn't seem to know how to occupy herself. She is a 'tornado' child, has lots of energy, gets into everything, leaves a tornado mess everywhere, and has no executive functioning.


It seems that lots of activities suit her better. Sat she has swim practise, a 3 hr dance/theatre/singing class and then synchro swim. She has one day with animation class followed by art, next day a 1.5 hr home learner trampoline, 30 min break then 1.5 hrs of gymnastics.


Anyone else have a child that seems to need constant activities?

I always hear about how many kids need more down time, but wonder if she just needs lots and lots of up time.

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Sounds like my house! Only I have a ds7. He needs a lot of activity.


That said, I was amazed when I took him to a 40 min kids yoga class at how tired he was after it. I surmised that his body really has no idea about being in a relaxed state other then sleep. I think he is always in fight or flight mode. Doing yoga for 15-20 minutes with him every day has really helped him. I also have to keep our school room warmer as heat seems to slow him down.

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I haven't tried yoga yet, but sometimes I wonder if she knows how to relax. Bedtime is a hellacious adventure most nights. I did hear a woman once say that people with ASD are in stress mode all the time.


We have found that more activities does seem to help her. Someone once suggested we should put her in some kind of sport or movement thing every afternoon or evening. It's hard to line up and I still have to cook for everyone. Dh doesn't get home until 6:30 sometimes 7.

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