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Is anybody else having a BAD DAY? (vent/whine)

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I don't have anybody to complain to in real life, so can I just get this off my chest?


Today sucks. This whole last week has sucked.


It's one of those screaming baby, rowdy children, huge to-do list, have no money, got no sleep sort of days. The 'I'm so overwhelmed but people keep heaping crap on my plate' sort of day. A 'can we just pretend we don't even HAVE an extended family?' kinda day. An 'I'm an introvert who hasn't had a single second of downtime in at least a week'...and I'm not exaggerating...day.


I haven't eaten, or had a cup of coffee, or gone to the bathroom uninterrupted in at least five days. Not ONCE. I pulled a muscle in my back and hurt my knee, and wrangling a maniacal 3yo and a cranky (OH SO CRANKY!) baby is so not helping.


And I KNOW that this is a passing thing, and in a few weeks it'll probably seem funny. But right now...I'd kind of like to tell my nearest and dearest to take a long walk off a short pier. Or cover my ears and run around in circles until everybody leaves me alone. ;)


Okay...done the whining ramble. Thanks for listening, and feel free to commiserate!

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I am having a bad day too. Will probably spend most of the next week asking excuses from all people I snapped at today in SOME form. Sigh. One of those days when I can barely stand my own self, let alone the rest of the world. And I am too insomniac to just sleep and let it pass while I sleep.

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Why yes, actually I AM having a bad day. Link to my other post:




Ugh, what a disaster! Sure puts my whininess into perspective! ;)

I hope it all gets cleaned up quickly for you!



My mother used to say about days like those: "When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout." And on those days, that is EXACTLY what I feel like doing. :tongue_smilie:


Hope tomorrow is a new and better day.:grouphug:

:lol: What excellent advice!





Here's the thread I started earlier today.




Oh yes, I know that feeling. Far too well! Run away from the 'one more thing'!



Hugs...def had days like that and this week has been rough. Pray that things get better for you today!


Thank you!




I am having a bad day too. Will probably spend most of the next week asking excuses from all people I snapped at today in SOME form. Sigh. One of those days when I can barely stand my own self, let alone the rest of the world. And I am too insomniac to just sleep and let it pass while I sleep.


Yes, this definitely isn't bringing out my best side either.

Insomnia is so hard! Hope tomorrow's a better day. :grouphug:

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Sadly, I think I can make many of you feel much better:


Monday: Three weeks ago I caught the neighborhood burglar, long story- he's been arrested 8x all for theft- was out on bail from being arrested 3 weeks prior...his father was murdered when he was 5 by his uncle, his mother abandoned all 5 children under 6...he went from home to home...he has 3 children under the age of 3 by two mothers. He was polite and considerate while I tried to give him a momma lecture...I think he was just happy someone cared. On Monday my neighbor who let the burglar move in with him (he is their god-father of sorts) found a briefcase that had been stolen from us, he said he would bring it over to me. I was walking our dogs so I just waited for my neighbor to bring it over. Sure enough, it was mine, I wanted to quickly open it to see what was in it (partly afraid there were identification stuff in there thieves could use)....I set it on the driveway (both locks had been busted) and the first things I see were pictures from 17 years ago, of my husband and me before kids and with our first dog which had passed 3 years ago..we added a beagle to our family when she died...said beagle was on the end of the leash, I thanked my neighbor and stood up only to realize the leash was not moving...my beagle had collapsed and was dying in front of me. I tried to give her mouth to nose, I was sobbing, I could tell she was gone but did not want to let go...I had to carry a dead family member into a vet only to have the confirmation...I had to bring her back to my children who were sobbing (my dh was gone to a convention 7 states away)...find my oldest (the beagle technically was 'her' dog) in our barn sobbing holding a toy that the beagle had chewed (I can't mention names or I'll start sobbing) when she was a pup. I explained that the vet said beagles have arrythmias and her heart must have went into a series of arrythmias that she could not recover from. The only silver lining here was that our new rescue horse who was days from starving to death came over to us while we were hugging and laid her nose on my shoulder...


TUESDAY: What can I say, two girls sobbing all day, a son trying to run away from all of us messed up.


WEDNESDAY: I wake up and there is a horrible stench of skunk, it smells like it is in my bedroom! I hid under the covers...my daughters took turns sleeping with me since dh was out of town and they could not bear sleeping alone knowing beagle was gone....beagle slept every night in my bed (ew for some, but those who know beagles, understand their need for human companionship) so when dd's leg would touch mine, I would think it was beagle and reach down to pet her...sobbing again.

Well, I found out the next day that a skunk had indeed crawled up into my car hood and sprayed while it was in there...it must not have lasted long b/c we found a skunk foot with two long leg bones attached..something stripped and ate that poor animal, but not before it gave my car the worst stench, we rode with the windows down on a drizzly wet cold day just to avoid suffocating on the stench (I now know it takes 3 days for the scent to go away).


THURSDAY: I can not take it, I visit humane shelters..no puppies that would work for us, our other 65 lb dog is depressed and not eating...she was there when beagle died and when we buried her. I take the girls with me to the third shelter and they see a plaque in front of one kennel that says it is dedicated to "XYZ" which just happened to be my husband's name and is not a common name, so they took it as a sign that we should get the pup...we do..and for the first time we see joy back in the girls...

That night, I feel strong enough to cook a homemade meal only to have four burners going and on my gas cooktop all my gas goes out!! Right in the middle of dinner! I only had the patience to finish cooking one pot in the oven and just threw out the uncooked beans/rice....it was just looking like the worst week.


FRIDAY: Only had 2 hours of sleep because my way of potty training puppies is to take them out at every instance, it works, within 2 weeks they're trained with no mess ups but it means sacrificing much needed sleep on a stressful week.


SATURDAY: I drive 3 hours to a regatta to see my son row, the fog was so thick that they started late...I had left a sick daughter and her sister at home to watch the puppy and promised I would be home soon, that was not going to happen..I sat on a cold concrete bench waiting 2 hours to finally see his boat enter the race...he did great but I just wanted to go home and sleep. He also was at the end of a cold but committed to go b/c his boat would not race if he were not in it...just more for a mom to worry about...

I get home and have an emergency call from my scouting troop treasurer...our account has been hacked and funds spent in London and Africa....I have to do quick calls to make sure money is returned to cover checks we wrote last week for fundraising items...I am on hold for 15 minutes only to be disconnected, then call again and am hold for longer...


Finally, dh has come home (he was very attached to beagle and we show him the gravesite...just the way to end this horrible week) and I just want to crawl in a hole and forget this week ever happened...I had done so great on my weight loss journey (lost 17 pounds in 2 months...but I'm sure last week I blew 7 of those on pity food)...tomorrow I start back trying to make sense of these days...all this to let you know that you are not alone...and does it help that I have about 15 loads of laundry to get done...two kids are hacking coughing...gotta run find the cough drops for them....

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Well, today's my birthday, which I don't enjoy celebrating. I don't like my birthday or any holidays.


I've got baggage. :tongue_smilie:


So yeah, not a great day. But apparently, not as bad as some others are having.




HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! That is something to run around in circles and scream and shout about!!!! :party::party::party:


Even with the crappy week I've had, I can still appreciate the special gift of birth and how your dedication as a mom/teacher touches so many...that is something to celebrate!!

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October was awful and Nov is not looking much better. My Mom seems to be not tolerating the chemo drug that was doing such a great job on the cancer. She's sick all the time. Hospice is trying to help - I guess. They don't talk to me even though I have medical power of attorney. The Oncologist got mad at me for calling hospice even though he claimed she didn't qualify. (All her other Dr's and Hospice told me she did!) He told the social worker I was withholding her pain meds! I was not even there. I told my brother to watch them because she was talking self injury - which I also reported to the oncologist. I guess Hospice thinks I'm evil or something. We never withheld her meds. We never would. We just kept count of how many and where they were and watched her closely.


The oldest - who never gets sick - got sick all over the hall and the kitchen at 2 am (the second 2 am). I got no sleep. We had to clean the carpets. Yesterday DH was trying to fix the toilet and what should have taken five minutes took all day because something broke. We have one bathroom in this house.


I'm just really sick and tired of life right now and am holding my breath that I don't get what oldest had. I've scrubbed the you know what out of this place and washed my hands so much they're chapped.


Dh and the older two are going to Pilgrimage for three days next week. Last year I got really sick while they were gone. Mom came to help me but she sure can't this year.


I want to hibernate for the winter.

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