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anyone use lesson pathways


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i kinda of use it. how is that.


I have gone though and added both boys and I have gone though and added the "pathways" I want DS1 to do -- buttttttttttttttttttttttttt I use it as a planner for me and not really for him.


Each week when i plan out the next week i look at it -- and I go though each topic (like observation, under Science) and I decide what I want us to do based on their 'suggestions'. i might print an activity or 2 (for Science Observation I did print a color changing activity) or i might not.


I find a number of the links don't really work or don't like to an ACTIVITY as much as to text discussing the topic -- great for me to read, nothing i need for the kids.


So I used it to go though all of what they have under a topic (kindy Science, Kindy History, Phonic) and to add to his pathway what I want to cover (skipping things like Community Helpers).


I like it as an out line for me to plan from, but i don't really use it "for my student"

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