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How do I clean a Build a Bear Workshop Bear with a sound box at home?

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DD has custody of the preschool class bear "Brady" for the weekend. Like a Flat Stanley, she has been taking him everywhere with her and taking pictures. Breakfast and Kid's Workshop at home depot, to the photography studio for a sitting and a 'tour'. Home for lunch followed by a teddy bear picnic in the play kitchen where disaster struck.


She got him wet with real milk from her teddy bear picnic snack. I don't want to take a stinky bear back on Monday. This has been really fun until now:001_huh:

If wiped him down with a damp cloth, and dried him with a white towel. He's still very sticky. He's recovering from his beauty treatment wrapped in a doll towel in DD's room.


I've read the instructions on the Build a Bear website about going to a store to have the sound box removed prior to washing. Can I just do the 'surgery' myself to remove the sound box and unstuff him, then wash him in a pillow case and then reassemble him?


Has anyone tried this? If he were my bear, I'd be doing open bear surgery as soon as DD falls asleep, but since he's not mine, I'm hesitant.


So, can I wash the bear?

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You don't have to remove the stuffing. Just open the seam in his back a little. You can maneuver the box till it is next to the seam in his back. Take out the box and then sew the seam back up. You can then wash him in the washer. When he is dry, repeat the procedure to put the box back in.


I've done this to dd's rabbit about 10 times now.

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I just wiped him down with some foaming handsoap and dried him off and he seems better. I will perform surgery in the morning if he still isn't clean.


DD just prayed for him during our bedtime prayers. Mr. God, please help Brady to get clean and well so I don't get in trouble with Mrs. Shannon.


Thank you for the tips! I feel much more confident now!

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