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Which "The Miracle Worker" version should I get?

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I'm getting some DVDs for the kids for Christmas, and am considering "The Miracle Worker." I've seen all three versions, but it's been awhile, and I didn't watch them, then, with an eye toward Christmas gifts for my kids now.


Which version did you prefer (Ann Bancroft/Patty Duke, Patty Duke/Melissa Gilbert, or Person I Don't Know/Pepsi Girl), and why?

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I watched it with dh a year or two ago while we were on a Bollywood kick, but I don't remember that there were any family-friendliness issues. There is a scene while the Helen Keller character is still wild that might be frightening for littler ones, but I don't *think* there were any sensual scenes. It is interesting because of the different cultural stuff, while keeping very true to the story. I recommend it. :)

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I much prefer the original w/Anne Bancroft & Patty Duke.


I like the one with Patty Duke & Melissa Gilbert just fine.


I can't bring myself to watch the other one with 'Person I Don't Know' (that was funny!) & Hailey (I think is her name?) Don't-Know-Her-Last-Name aka Pepsi Girl.


I did have my kids watch the original B&W, and they can't stand B&W movies, but they really liked it. There is something about the B&W that adds to the tone of the movie (for me, anyway). Maybe it's just because that was the first one I ever saw?

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Heather, I agree with you about the black and white. My dc say that they have trouble telling the actors apart in black and white movies. For ex. we were watching the new Adele music video "SOmeone Like You" I kept going on and on about the mood, the lighting, the photography and how it was a perfect black and white video. My dd thought I was crazy, she did not see how special the black and white made the video.


Some movies are just perfect in black and white, The original Miracle Worker is one of them.

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I vote for all three! :D How's that for being helpful?


Of course, the original is great.


I really liked the one with Melissa Gilbert because I was 12 when that came out and Melissa was just a couple of years older. And, of course I was a Little House fan.


The Disney one with Hallie and Alison Elliott (Anne) is really good too. I especially love Lucas Black in it (he plays Helen's brother James). He's got such a thick southern accent...it's hard to understand him at times. But, for some reason when he talks in that movie he makes me smile.


The first time I watched The Miracle Worker with my first two, it was 2004. That was the movie that inspired me to teach the baby sign language. That's when we started Signing Time. Wow....7 years ago already.


ETA: The only one we actually own, in vhs, is the Disney one with Hallie; which I found at a garage sale.

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