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For the love of naughty

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Our new kitten is just about as naughty as a kitten can be. He does commando attacks on the dog by hiding under the living room chair and darting out to smack the dog. Then he slides right back under before any retaliation can take place. He chases lizards up trees, hides in the midst of my butterfly garden attempting to pounce on the butterflies as they flutter by (he has yet to succeed, thankfully), he climbs the post of my laundry line to catch the flapping clothes... If there is trouble to be found, he finds it and yet we can't find ourselves to be mad at him for it. For some reason, it just seems endearing and we admire him for his spunk. We spend a lot of time laughing at this little guy. What in the world is wrong with us?!

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We also have one like that!! She loves to go under the covers and attack my feet!


We named her Persephone since she is sweet as spring half the time and a hell-cat the other half.


That is hysterical! Well done...probably the most apt name I've ever heard of for a cat. Ours is named Dexter for his killer instincts.

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