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Independent 3rd grade curriculum? - What do you use?


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I'm talking about curriculum like Winning with Writing/GWG.. stuff that is just open and go for the child.. (Week 1 Day 1) Most of my LA is like that but I'm getting bogged down in history(SOTW) Science(RS4K) and the like.. I eagerly read the planning thread and I like the idea of the file folders for each day but that requires more workbook-y curriculum right?


I'll keep SOTW and RS4K but I'd like to supplement with other stuff that she can do on her own in case we don't get to it(New baby coming in Feb=).


Has anyone tried the Daily ____ by Evan Moor?? (Geography, Science etc)


Thanks! Lori

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I've made history more independent by letting him read SOTW himself and just come to me to answer narration questions and give me a narration. We don't really do history projects often, and I'm ok with that. My son learns more by reading than by doing projects like that.


I do read-aloud some library books on the history subject sometimes, just to have some togetherness in reading aloud, but he could read those himself too (and has in the past).


Is your 3rd grader ready to be independent? That would be the big question. All the independent curriculum in the world won't do you any good if the child isn't ready to work independently. ;) I also don't think a 3rd grader needs "busywork". If you can't get to history or science, fine. Have a book basket of library books (with books put on hold from the comfort of your computer at home, so you can go once a week and pick up the bundle with your name on it... and make use of a baby carrier so that library trip is easy ;) ).


I think your child will get a lot more out of random history/science books from the library rather than a busywork type workbook in those content areas.

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